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10th April 2018

Teaching Primary School and Secondary School – What Differences Can I Expect?

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differences between primary and secondary school

What are the differences between teaching in a primary school and teaching in a secondary school? Whilst primary schools are making the base of child for the future in education, secondary schools are key in crafting a child to excel in particular specialist subjects.

Teaching in primary school and secondary school

The core difference between the two types of schools ( as a teacher) is rather than teaching the whole curriculum to your class, you will specialise in one subject, and teach multiple classes. This could mean you also interact with a variety of different age groups throughout the week rather than one specific class,

In order to be a secondary school teacher, a degree is normally required and this should be relevant to the subject that you want to teach.

Secondary school classes would also have a teacher acting as a tutor for the class that students would report to at the start of each day.

Differences for a student

When teaching in a secondary school, it’s worth being aware of how your job can and will impact students – but also what the differences will be like for them. They can be taught by up to fourteen different teachers which (especially in the first few months of secondary school) can feel quite overwhelming.

Secondary schools operate on more of a structure and routine – where timetables will be set in place and it is the student’s responsibility to locate and attend the correct class in the right classroom, rather than having the class come to them. It slowly fills the student up with independence and a sense of responsibility.

With that, there are more books and accessories a student should manage and carry with them, as they adjust to longer days and challenging work.

Career opportunities teaching in schools

Some people prefer the intimate nature of teaching in a primary school, whereas others prefer the variety of being a secondary school teacher. Regardless of path, they both help direct children to becoming better people where no dya is the same.

If you feel you haven’t had sufficient teaching experience you can always apply as a teaching assistant in a local school. Even if you haven’t got any teaching qualifications yet, the fact that you have work experience will look much better on your CV than having nothing at all.

Regardless of which school you choose, both are highly rewarding and enjoyable jobs. Speak to us today about starting your career working in a primary school or secondary school as a teacher or assistant teacher.