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12th February 2018

Why your next job should be in Further Education

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FE Jobs blog for Further Education Teaching

With opportunities in FE teaching across our region and higher ed jobs ready for the perfect candidates now, we thought we’d take time this month to explore why you should explore teaching in Higher Education!


FE jobs can offer a range of benefits to teachers that may tick a lot of the boxes other roles do not. We’ve outlined just a few of the reasons a job in further education could be the career change you’ve been looking for.


Your students want to be in FE

Students in further education have chosen to take that path in education. They are showing up to learn about a subject they are passionate about and which you can impart your knowledge on. Your students are looking to improve their educational prospects and can span across a range of ages. All of your further education students will have one thing in common: their thirst for knowledge in order to increase their prospects.


Your true character can flourish in an FE job

Your audience is older and you’re able to explore more meaningful and engaging ways of teaching. Especially effective is the ability to let your sense of humour shine through and be enthusiastic about a subject that you know well. You can have fun, develop your own style of teaching and get your students ready for the real world. Let your character shine in your next FE teaching job.


Ready students for the next step

FE teaching jobs can be rewarding for a number of reasons. When your students graduate from further education they could go on to university or you may kick-start their career in a field you know well. You’re in a position as an FE teacher to shape the future of the individuals you are working with.


FE teaching jobs come in all shapes and sizes

There is a wide variety of FE jobs out there meaning you’ll almost certainly find a role that suits. You’ll be able to utilise the skills you’ve developed over a career in a classroom environment. Demand is high for skilled workers and by teaching in further education you can help fill these shortages. Whether it is as a full time or part time teacher, in a college or sixth-form colleges, the variety of teaching environments is massive and Recruit Mint Education can help match you to the perfect FE teaching role.

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